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We highly recommend Denise as a realtor! She's been with us throughout our property journey - from our first and second condos, to our rental property, and now our first single-family home. She's willing to put in the time to ensure you're making the right decision and is knowledgeable enough to help steer you away from the wrong one. She's not in it just for the sale, but instead to ensure you find the right fit. And when it comes to selling? She does the work required to get you the best offer, even if it means showing up in her work clothes to help. You can feel how much she cares. She's more than earned her commission by helping us to negotiate lower prices when buying, finding the right price and tenants for our rental property, and having a knack for knowing when to push back or walk away. She also has a team of experts that she's referred us to for mortgages, legal services, and more - all of which meet these same high standards. We trust her so much with these large decisions and wouldn't use anyone else. If you want someone who is on your side every step of the way, you want Denise.

Macy - Buyer / Seller

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